Arhythmetics CD

by Analena

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released January 2, 2001

CD released @ Get Off Records (2001.)

Recorded and mixed at Kozmo studio, Zagreb, Croatia in February 2000 by Bojan and Nixa.

Guitar parts on "Confide In Me" (original writen by Steve Anderson & David Seaman and originally performed by Kylie Minogue) were played by Saša.
"Fix Me" originaly writen by Black Flag.

ANALENA lineup @ Arhythmetics:
Ana - vocals
Mijo - guitar
Six - bass guitar
Zet - drums



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Analena Croatia


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Track Name: Arhythmetics
Long road, hours go by. I count the white lines that lead me to you. Night sky, planets collide. Shining stars show me the way. Afraid? I'm not. Just enough magic dust to get me to you. I count the white lines that lead me to you. I substract the white lines that lead me to you. I divide the white lines that lead me to you. But still you're so far away.
Track Name: A Wish
I wish you would come to my galaxy. Here I shine with my eyes closed. Here we could do whatever we wanted. Here we could be whoever we wanted. But you never pretend to be something you're not. That's why you shine too. I see you shining with my eyes closed.
Track Name: So Real
The worst parts of my life and the most beautiful ones I lived in my dreams. They were so real that I screamed when I burned. They were so real that I cried when I hugged.
Track Name: The Bow & The Arrow
All I want to see is the blood from the monster's heart. The bow and the arrow, weapon of the past, my future weapon. Whistle through the air, metal through the flesh. No damage, no explosions.
Track Name: Microdreams
She is a huntress, she hunts for dreams. She says they are reality. She keeps them in a closet. She doesn't let them slip away. I see her in the mirror, she smiles back at me. I can only touch her surface, but she can drown in me. She says that dreams turn off the dark. She says the more you dream the less you die. She is all alone bathing in her dreams. She says they are reality and then she drowns in me.
Track Name: Ex
My eyes can't see your face (blinded by my feelings for you). My ears can't hear your voice (afraid to hear something that might hurt me). Even though you apologized, even though you promised. I hate myself for playing your game. I hate myself for letting you make me a fool. I trust. You lie.