It's Never Too Late To Split Up CD​/​10"

by Analena

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released January 1, 2002

ANALENA / SENSUAL LOVE - It's Never Too Late To Split Up split 10"/CD

1 Analena - Starcrossed Logistics
2 Analena - The Metaphorical Approach
3 Analena - Ways Of Seeing
4 Analena - Walker Between Worlds
5 Sensual Love - Planets Mistaken For Stars
6 Sensual Love - Hands Off My Flip-Flops
7 Sensual Love - Der Pfarrer
8 Sensual Love - Freizügige Selbstkontrolle

Released in 2002. in collaboration with GET OFF REC. and MESMERIZED REC.

INTERSTELLAR/GET OFF (2002) - 10" vinyl

Recorded in Kozmo studio during December 2001.

ANALENA lineup @ It's Never Too Late To Split Up:
Ana - vocals
Mijo - guitar
Six - bass guitar
Zet - drums



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Analena Croatia


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Track Name: Starcrossed Logistics
A pair of starcrossed lovers take one last breath before the battle begins. The one that is already lost. And the sky has the color of television tuned o a dead channel. The war is on.
Track Name: The Metaphorical Approach
The first three minutes were great just like the begining of the universe but then in the end we'll all go up in flames. Just like fire. Yes, it will probably happen again. My history repeats itself. Yes, I will do it again. I will spin in the wrong way. A coward dies a thousand times.
Track Name: Ways Of Seeing
To see the colors behind Violet. To walk out of the frames. To wash off the lies. To cross the line. Cross the line. To live. To die no more.
Track Name: Walker Between Worlds
Walker between worlds takes the first step on the undiscovered paths. Beyond. As she fades away under the full Moons light I can still hear her think.